Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Serving the Mother

Serving the Mother
Works: Muhammad Raudah tuft

Mother, so full of bloody wounds on the soles of your feet with reason I do not understand how much heart that you step forward with a more severe there for you, educate your children other than rock and perhaps rebellious as an adult? or I am an unabashed, letting you scorch the word stuck?

Mother, so brave you incubate the heart patient with reason I had always justifies any means for an unexpected desire, in all your tears have drowned angkuhku isakmu shake my chest, my anger burn everything I see,

Mother of a dedication that I give is not enough to restore your tears, isakmu, anger that had hit the rocks may be only time can embroider doubt be missed expectations in the row, reached the island of dreams pray, you hope the time sheet has taught how to build a fence love simplest.

Medan, 05

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