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Works: M. Raudah Jambak

It is difficult to predict the ripple eye lake toba

The glassy blue surface

Maybe there is a secret in its depth

His smile sometimes clear moon

Sometimes as hard as rock walls

Let prism of kebeningannya

On the edges we can spell out the meaning of

In millions literacy

It is difficult to predict the ripple eye lake toba

Through the seductive dance of wind-sand sand

Sometimes displaced

Sometimes driven

Tao toba, 04-06

Restless hot Petisah

Works: M. Raudah Jambak

Exhaust rhythm humming in between the jungle of human head

And thick jungle rain, the sun has long been hidden

Shivering in the booth contemplating the clouds, and smile at the ceiling moody

Vomit and land on feet

The wallet in the palace a party celebrating the cocky, street boys

Embroidery dream, underneath, on the sidewalk terrace chant

Lute minibus bobokkan menina-patimpus teachers

Wild old angkot light, eyes wide at the eyes of a female deer

Curses supporting the most trash

Bengar the repairman Parker

The merchant Lungun mattress

While A kong Just hanging out

Peek behind the iron railing rukonya

Rhythm exhaust hum, between cries of drivers

And hunters deposits, crossroads

Petisah, 03-06


Works: M. Raudah Jambak

Strains sordam sailed with the wind whistling

Scanning the rice fields of grain

Throughout the cold expanse of burning sigalangan

And the birds are busy memetiki Hasapi

"oi, na mar sahala Tondi

and the rulers huta ni humang

I marry the beauty of lubu

which exude the langkitang

which exude the baitang "

Pustaha thousands sprinkled dry babble

lamented trees calculate age hibuk huta

falling leaves on a bed of letter-tulak tulak

and segments of bamboo-grandmother grandmother singing

"oi, Tondi na marsahala

I filled in the sopo treaties designed magodang sio

I married the master counter-month nan

the birth Sutan borayun

the birth Sutan bugis "

gondang tetabuh groan with the beat ogung

menggebuki sky that held thousands of screaming

"oi begu na mar sahala dohot mar Tondi

I Namora bosi pande

who lost his own grave "

fields, 06 parks of culture

War poetry Sunggal

Works: M. Raudah Jambak

Bismillah is the beginning of kalam

with the name of God Kholikul Nature

done at the beginning of the book of poem

to remember the history of the stitched

Year 1872 is listed in the book

history of the war began dimulakan Sunggal

year 1895 as Batak other Oorlog

the end of the war took many victims

Small Datuk mentioned heroes

defend the principles and beliefs

Jalil and Datuk Sulong welcomed replication West

keep Sunggal of evil and greed

Small Datuk attack hit

with Jalil and Datuk Sulong struggling West

Small people become more like

case of the raging war Serbanyaman

The first cause of Sultan Deli

Tuanku Mahmud Perkasa Alam name

associated with the Dutch government

give the land as a gift

So, perangpun has begun

Expeditionary corps and armed

three times Sunggal slaughtered delivery

recreant Van Stuwe, our heroes limp

Struggle is not got there

Sri Datuk Abdul Jalil joined a unifier

with his brother, Datuk Alang, continues attack

Dutch destroyed, making it the ashes

Increasingly popular resistance fiery

Langkat guerrilla Mountain High, became the evidence

Master Rondahain war, in Bedagai, growing bolder

Guerrilla Mr. Netek, in Asahan, also witnessed

As Small and Datuk Datuk previous Jalil

Datuk Sri Datuk Abdul Jalil and the same fate Alang

undermining under Dutch and his gang

finally, Datuk areas ravaged Sunggal

Grouse strings, berkapan Cindai

Small Datuk hero character has tersemai

Sri Datuk Abdul Jalil Sunggal smart nephew

natter join strings, berkapan Cindai

Sunggal heroes fighting spirit is remembered here

not only in the mouth but fighting

nation building branching

due to the growing corruption

Alhamdulillah we haturkan

Praise to God we include

any mistake and wrong please excuse

Our good intentions of help fahamkan

Hang Nadim LAKSEMANA poem

Works: M. Raudah Jambak

Bismillah is the beginning of kalam

In the name of God kholiqul Nature

Done Dipermulaan poem book

In order to remember the history of the stitched

Law Hang Tuah, Hang Nadim Laksemana

Khodam faithful Majesty Sultan Mahmud Shah and his son

Assigned to keep the soil-water Melayu Raya

After laksemana Khoja Hassan and Bukit Raya Perkasa Pantar

Portuguese cleared, at sea and on land

The sword flashed like lightning Jenawi

Portuguese rushed mengupat-upat

Because the powerful left hand punch menghembat

Footsteps far eastern martial arts stance

Sudden kick to make the enemy collapse

Heart would just fall

The will of God will not be easy merapuh

Respected friend, rival search abstinence

But if there is going to sell, he would have bought

Segantang pepper in place a strategy review

After the ambush was done many times

Hang Nadim melesatkan thirty-two lives

Hover fly to the sky

Not against the will of the Almighty

But, thanks to the permission and Modern from his

Hang Nadim's Degree is Lang lang Sea

Her voice echoed against the waves of the sea

Seri Paduka together and Son diturut

Leading the 300 boats and ships of death spreader

Hang Nadim morale memorabilia

Not only loyal but struggling dimulut

Nation building branching

As a result of the greed of power that continues to grow

Malays not lost on earth

Allhamdulillah say we end

Any mistake and wrong is weakness

We apologize with one head and ten fingers

(M. Raudah Jambak.Medan 2007)

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