Wednesday, 10 February 2010

"It's electric bill!"


Cerpen M. Raudah tuft

"It's electric bill!"

The owner of the house handed kontrakanku white paper without expression. I tried to exchange pleasantries offered to sit just enjoy a glass of hot sweet tea. He declined to smooth, then leave.

I read the bill. My wife came to find out. My kids were late with the "Dragon Ball Z" him.

"Well, not wrong?" I was surprised. The letter states that the bill I have not paid electricity bills for three months. Odder still, the number of bills to pay a total of two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.

"We must protest, Bang?"

"What protests?"

"Why? Why what?" My wife came closer together, "Just think. We are here only to two months, but the three-month bill? Electricity. What do we have except television 14" this small, the number of bills? Anyway we must protest. So they should be judged not against the small people like us! "

"Hey, stop tuggu first! Who said we are small people? You do wrong, we just great. The evidence of people like us can afford. People we need not bother as they become beggars kok right?"

My wife is sulking. I'm still confused. My kids have fallen asleep before the cartoons have done.

Since then, without waiting for approval, my wife started to make rules. All things must not be turned on the lights, except for television. Itupun because if my son wants to watch. Itupun if coupled with a long whimper. Itupun if my wife wanted to watch. Itupun if soap or my wife's favorite telenovela has he memorized online.blh hours and I just beat it.

If the evening, just put the kerosene lamp. Or by blaming the candle. If you need just dark shadows. My children had 'protest'. They do not whine-karuan gift. My wife will not give mengultimatum allowance. My children finally obedient. No doubt all the more activity in the dark-dark arena.

"The house was dark kok continue, Mbak? Mrs Surti vegetable traders in the mall asking," Is not afraid? "

"That I was afraid that if too light ha ... ha ... ha ...!"

"Why, how strange?" Mrs. Amina, who was selected herbs added. "I am myself afraid of the dark kok, whose name thief's easy hiding?"

"I mean gini lho, Mbak. What ndak afraid that all the light? What we have to ngebayar? Moreover, he said, costs will continue to rise-up to the top of the mountain?"

"I agree with ya." Wati which the newlyweds do not want to lose. "In the past there was the term 'dark out terbitlah light', I personally chose instead kok dark?"

"Alah ye that basis. Mentang-mentang newlyweds. Emang wants!"

"I do not mean so. Mosok costs sky-high electricity bills a ndak more suitable anyway. While those of us still need this and that costs. I personally ndak ndak forward yes papa, modern ndak ndak papa than any nyakitin. The people that yes should be the welfare , instead of misery. If I need people that need to be financed ndak, um I mean no need of the people charged anything gimana, fit right? "

"Well, you're more intelligent since married aja, Wati," my wife blink his eyes in Wati.

"Ya ya it's pissed. Just a small television costs are exorbitant. Especially if you use computers, internet and so on. What can we progress if nothing is charged for all kinds. The cost burden is high only. Try not to use their We've got eighteen thousand dollars. Not to mention the cost of KWH block 1, block 2, or 3 blocks it. The higher the power, we are increasingly powerless. Yes, it's practically ancient ancient-aja biarin than inner torment. Oh, do not turn the everything? "

"What ya husband okay," Ruth's first child joined Mrs. Surti said. "My husband was very angry. But my intention to ease the burden, too!"

My wife glanced at me. I pretended not to hear what they were talking about.

"That thankfully have a husband like my husband," my wife glanced at me once again scared me to hear it, but we were still cold war. I own smiles. It turned out that my wife still maintain my dignity in front of others, for the one that I raised my thumb. "My husband is not the one adventurous. We always see eye to eye. And she always understands my desire."

Whoever started, a month after we did not use electric lights, every week there were some who follow our footsteps. One by one have agreed not turn on electric lights at night. They have used the kerosene lamp, candles, and some just use a torch. They only use electricity much, but not for the light. Practical, on top of such a complex one which gives the command, also do not use electric lights.

A complex look reman-dim. Everyone was happy. Account the cost burden so lightly. There are also previously had survived to continue using the lights as usual, but as a sense of solidarity with fellow citizens would not want them to think, too.

All the unexpected things always come unexpectedly. Starting from the trivial or small.

"Brothers and sisters, for the welfare of the people expected to integrate a shared vision." A young man heads shaved in the middle of the complex berorasi. "What good is a progress, if we are overwhelmed by the suffering. What's the point of light the lamp, if the mind is always shrouded in darkness. Brothers and sisters, for the sake of convenience is expected to not use lights. At least we can save a few dollars for their household needs. How? Agree? "

Various actions were emerging. Oddly enough action without lights again spread rapidly. The longer, wider and has more large-scale action. Has become a national problem. The proof, newspapers and television proclaim race. His message was always the lead story on television or radio, and the head line in the newspaper.

Blingsatan any government. All the ministers were ordered to solve the problem. Party ministers ordered local chiefs to participate actively. Parties to continue the mandate of the regional head to regent. Regent to the head of the subdistrict, the subdistrict head into the ravine, ravine to the head of the environment, the head of the environment to residents, the head of the household. Head of household is not willing. Kepling blingsatan. Mr. ravine fear, sir Camat cranky. Regent overwhelmed, the governor of fever-fever. Minister feverish. Head enraged state.

An investigation later conducted. Distributed agents. They continue to read every move. His case has become an international case of foreign intelligence services were involved. Starting from the FBI, CIA, to the KGB. Everything involved in this particular operation.

"The Lights!"

"What is not wrong? Far as I am ..."

"Excuse me, sir explain it in the office. You have the right to remain silent!"

I was silent. I just can surrender. I remembered the children who watch cartoons hobby, and I did not accompany them for some time. Maybe forever. I thought of my beloved wife whose hobby girl talk in the shop. I'm not going to listen to gossip warm for a long time, maybe forever. Lights? Well what's wrong with lights? I still do not understand, until finally I had to dicecar commander questions.

"You have provoked the anti-light so much!" Police commander spoke in a low voice and very soft.

"It means, sir? I do not understand."

"Well, you do not understand? Look at this!" The commander threw some papers that talked about the lights, drawing the surprise there. In the news I was accused of being a member of a terrorist network that has begun to love the game bombs. Not just news, but there are files that prove I was a dangerous terrorist who received an injection of funds from the organization's terrorist network.

"Your actions have crossed the line. You've sent the darkness of this country. You have to bankrupt the government. Foreign exchange declined sharply. The foreign businessmen reluctant to invest. Are you aware of consequences of your actions?"

"Sorry, sir. Guru.Saya I just do not know anything?"

"Please do not argue, even more damning argument would you. Confessing alone, at least it will lighten your punishment!"

"Please! Turn on the lights. Dark! ... Please!"

"Hey do not yell," a prison warden shouted from the darkness. "Do not make noise!"

"Please, sir! Please turn on the lights. Darkness!"

"You can still not! So what your grandmother was in jail!"

"Please, sir. The lights!"

"No way!"

"Why, sir?"

The jailer was silent. I was silent. Vaguely I just heard footsteps moving away slowly, like a woman who is my familiar.


Women's pensive, staring away into the sky. His hands stroked Zulaikha crown, her new two-year-old. The little girl stared unblinking at her mother, like to feel her heart unrest. Zulaikha was not as usual, she would rather mengelendoti mother, when the day was so bright. The woman with lembutnyamembelai stroked her hair and kiss to close out all Zulaikha face, as if this is the last day of their togetherness.

The sun was just above her head while she was lulled to ensure Zulaikha dream. His eyes were not the least bekerjap face a sleeping child. With careful management, she removed the blanket that crossed her brow slightly sweating. The touch was a little girl scratched her forehead for a moment. The tiny oval face look even more beautiful in the sun bias through the glass window of their bedroom.

The woman, slowly waving his hand to ward off the flies that came suddenly on the face Zulaikha. Then he took the usual tiny mosquito nets so shield your baby to sleep during the first Zulaikha. Next itududuk dikursi women at the table upon which there is a glass of water ready to drink. In the next bottle of sleeping pills that contain full. Yesterday she had bought at the drug store front of their house. Her desire was made to spend the drug at once.

His eyes alternately stared at the glass and bottle of sleeping pills, he thought the two things that ultimately determines everything. However, once his eyes slowly toward Zulaikha, there occurred a kind of doubt there. Should, all the way to finish! To finish right now, screaming he thought. Slowly, with trembling hands she opened the medicine bottle cap with a feeling of pounding. More than half the drug has now been moved to his left palm. With a more exciting feeling his right hand clutching a glass of water that has been prepared.

Next he put the glass from his right hand, and now half a sleeping pill that was moved to his right hand. Hand slowly rises, his mouth agape and his eyes began to start dipejamkan. But the voice Zulaikha delirium immediately stop the action. The woman was stunned and put the sleeping pills on the table and immediately headed toward Zulaikha, looked at him.

"Ampunkan mother, my son! Did you have to bear the sins of the mother? "Muffled sobs.

The woman removed a small blanket shielding her child to sleep. His hands gently wiped the sweat from his forehead began to flood the little girl was sleeping. Removing the blanket that came lightly. In the sense that the already mixed-mix, the more mixed-mix, see the faces of innocent children. A few moments later his hands touched her face, and the whole body, then stopped between her thighs.

"Why you could not help myself!"

Immediately drops tears one by one down her cheeks, then slid down. Her hand immediately reached for a tissue from his pocket and wiped her wet cheeks. Her eyes swept the room the room, such as looking for hope that remains. She stares at a photograph that stands just above his bedroom dresser. He immediately sat down in front of the mirror and took the photo. His gaze was always turned on and the mirror image. Yes, she turns her face staring in photos and in the mirror. Inner shouted, "I did not ask to be born beautiful!"

Maybe! This cause. Her beauty has led to the emergence of various events. Moreover, he was still quite young, 25 years old, mewajarkannya look sexy. Plump body and skin so smooth, yellow-complexioned. Whoever would not be denied. But today he was so sorry for her beauty. He wanted to yell for dear life, pulling hair, scratching his face let his face turned horrible monsters. Let not one man who memabukkannya with lena. But his rigid, constricted throat as if a heavy object. With the depressed feelings, the woman above her mattress mengehempaskan. He was back on the side Zulaikha while pressing and hitting a pillow to his face. She did not want to think all kinds. She did not want to see anything. She did not want to hear anything. Do not want any. But face it, the body is imagined to come to turns his head. Dozens of the bourgeoisie, intellectuals tens, even hundreds of men like watching with eyes full of lust. Come crowded strip with their fierce eyes. Round of applause and a loud clicking sound like lust ditelinganya thundered. Trauma when he was demonstrating the summer bathing suit on the catwalk. With swimsuit transparent enough.

"Well ....!"

"Great ....!"

"Awesome ....!"

"Perfect! Perfect! "

So on.

The applause echoed through the music and lighting spotlights, with his pupil's view that almost spurted out, women's.

Starting from the front lines to fight a rear guard to mengabadikannya through photographs. He's really excellent. He is an amazing figure figure. Every inch is ditubuhnya so perfect. Her face is the face that the dream of many women. Her body is the desire of every man's dream. Everything really reflects all the feminine, more than Cleopatra who had conquered two kings of Rome in his arms.

God has given as a gift so extraordinary to him. And she was so aware of it. With her beauty she was able to conquer any man. Suck anyone's attention. A smile was all the men who stared at him. In addition he could be a cultural ambassador, intelligence able to impress anyone. When he spoke, with charisma kecantikannyadia able to silence hundreds of people to remain diligent to hear it. He was so political views. Really understand economics. No doubt in the field of arts and culture and so on. Truly extraordinary. Intelligence and extraordinary beauty combined. He had invited the international level of competition model in a neighboring country. But it's got a strong reaction of the people of this country. Because they do not want the woman taken in other countries. And it was precisely because he was asked to become one legislative candidate from one of the country's ruling party.

Even so, she continued to feel buffeted by the waves of life hard. Whoop noise and admiration for the people against him remain menghempaskannya lonely beach. However she remains a woman. Feud between the child's ex-girlfriend with officials of the validity of a rich businessman whose son Zulaikha, continues to undermine the thought. There was an offer DNA tests, it was a painful conclusion. And she was not given persetetujuan. Because of this the face that caused a widow and now his heart dropped in a vacuum. In the corner of her longing to get out menghantarkannya desire for the presence of an essential. Not only in the liver, but present in real life.

At first she thought with this beauty, he thinks he can choose whichever is preferred. Not like a man who is always forced to Zulaikha validity. But it was beauty and the benefits it confined him to fear him ask for her hand, doubted his loyalty. The man only thinks he's just to digelimangi with rah-rah atmosphere.

And she was aware, when several wealthy young businessman who came to him he was more refuse. Only one that he did not hesitate, Romi was a handsome man, activist youth organization in the 30-year-old daerahnya.dia, bachelor status. The meeting began when demonstrating their clothing from animal hair materials. Romi all-out protest, and she amazed even him. Since then, they often met, harvesting the seeds missed. And on the initiative that delivers precisely Romi she became one of the largest party candidates from this country.

But the woman remains a woman, she was always giving hugs Romi dalan with all her feminine arousal. Many times women were harvesting the desire, many times also drop fruit. Women were always defeated.

More evident after his defeat replaced Romi Romi, Romi others. More violent and ferocious. Until at one point, she had not the slightest smell Romi, let alone enjoy the figures. Had hopes vanished.

Immediately he got up. The woman reached for a glass of water on the table and reached for the sleeping pills that were piled wild there.

"Sayonara! Goodbye my son, Zulaikha! We're not going to meet again! "He moaned.

Zulaikha suddenly woke up, he looked at her mother's spoiled, half-whine.

"Ma, sleep yok ....!" Bring Zulaikha grimaced.

Women's gelagapan. Immediately he put the glass and the sleeping pills on the table. And soon to Zulaikha, collapsed at his side. The woman stroked his forehead again Zulaikha singing lullaby. Zulaikha back peace.

Sunset call to prayer from a distance drifted. Bersahut-answer with the call to prayer from nearby mosques. The woman was feeling so tired. He stared at the ceiling, his back. The voice began to clash led jangkrikpun twilight the dim atmosphere. Women were half in doubt, get up or lay down? The woman then lay down himself. The rest he could not remember anything else. Slept and slept.


Dawn took over the time, the woman woke up. He started for the last call to prayer collided with a snort of breath accompanied by a heavy sigh. Zulaikha, inflamed his daughter lying on the floor. Flounder great body with legs and arms mengehentak-stamp, and a foaming mouth. The woman immediately felt his heart stopped beating when he did not find a sleeping pill on the table and a glass of water which lay empty beside Zulaikha almost stopped moving.

TEAM-TBM, 04-05

Swallowed whole WAVES WAVES

Sarah, who never want to shed tears throughout the marriage, throwing her crying. The tears were like that, who rolled up her humanity. His eyes never left the TV screen. "Never mind, forget the past," Umi said sobbing. Sarah, just shut down, whether what he was thinking. Abah was impressed as if not to hear. He busied himself playing with my youngest son, Aini. I went to the back, toward the kitchen, after kissing his hands and lets them sit. In the kitchen, I was preparing tea. I heard a faint voice that speaks umi sobbed, between the sound play-station which is turned on my oldest son, remembers how Rahmat.Aku that time, a week before our move from the house and abah umi. Actually the intention the move was long thought by us, and that we never ask you to ang and umi. Six years after the youngest child is five years old and the eldest went seven tahun.Dan ang calling us. "Actually, Ang did not want to membicaraknnya ....," abah words muffled. Umi seen sobbing. "How long have you lived here?" Ang said cautiously. Agam just quietly listening. He did so, if you were at home. Overly cautious. Whatever happens in the house and abah umi, which offend him, always holding back. Risk-laws live in the house, she thought. How our children are too loved at one time, and too restrained in other events. Or when ka my sister, Beurahim, exchanging TV channels with toe-in when we get together to watch a children's favorite Rahmat. Agam only pretended to take the white water on the table not far from the TV, was soon sitting on the porch left the grace that breaks down crying. Then burn a cigarette, suck it, looking at the sky remote. Not infrequently I stole a glance of her eyes brimming. "Why do not we move it?!" I asked a little hard on him, when we were in the room sitegang. Always the same occasion, about my brother, our brother in law, or my parents who always ketersinggungannya hotspots. "Money from where?" He asked softly, "you do not how my salary Eye, although I teach more than one place," he breathed, " and you also know how much my writing fee? Small! Simpananpun zero, understand?! "..... Sarah is taciturn, do not nag berkesudahaan. If you like that, I'd be run out of reason string of words. Only silence that eventually became a shield senjata.Aku he just looked like a man who was oration, due to policies in the country not controlled anymore. Terrace wall so hot, when the air outside the rain had just left. Occasionally the sound of our kids are screaming at each other in addition to calling kamar.Sebenarnya gentle wife Sarah. And because I kelembutannyalah convince myself parked vehicles padanya.Dia love hate looking for a fight much less noisy, but if provoked, anything will do. That's what makes me even more subdued dihatinya. He's smart enough, but what he ker incline always be material problems. If he still is not doing nothing is considered incapable of doing anything. Situations like this are often felt at home and abah umi. And I know, Sarah is a very concerned. "Abah is not happy you live here. Abah happy, but ... "ang voice choked back ditenggorokan.Sarah seen holding grimly. How she felt harassed, because they are not following the house rules. Not protecting his parents and saudara.Tidak polite and layout Karama. No matter the circumstances. And many others said no. Sarah could only be held geram.Hanya patience so dam difficulty he got up, ultimately in vain. For him everything was so out of line. He received all the bad things that are inflicted to him. But he did not accept, he did bad, due to poorly educated parents. Sarah rampage. Abah did not want to lose. Umi more sobbing. I just hugged my children miserably. The earth seemed maupecah, kusabarkan Sarah. Kubisikan him to succumb once again. I remind him about abah heart disease. Sarah began to subside. Abah still had those fires. Umi-pat pat her chest, her tears to the sea. "Okay," said Sarah. He was impressed still hold troubled, "if all you think I'm destroying pride ...," Sarah's family was silent for a moment," We will soon be moving! In order sauadara unobstructed brothers came with my presence here! "

"Please!" Abah no less fierce. Umi no longer crying, now she cried bitterly. I just could not help embarrassment. Between sobs umi still have patience, reminding that Idul Fitri will come soon. Umm hope our move postponed after the holidays. Umm again reminded, before leaving for Hajj ang umi and will depart from the oldest brother's house in Syah Kuala, not far from the funeral of Sheikh Abdul-Rauf-sacred character of Singkil, which always perform the Friday prayer service in return Mekkah.Sarah silent. Abah remain in his words. I do not know what to kupatuhi. I just know in our religion wife must obey her husband, if you're married. It's not that parents do not mix in a love-sorrow baik.Tentunya be passed on with Sarah, umi from young Sarah anakku.Sejak events become more subdued. I do not know what his thinking, and I do not know what the plan would do. One day after our room was right in front, unloaded, a painful without herald-huan. The plan, Beurahim will use our room as the bride's room when the time is not how much longer. Sarah asked me to move the next day. I tried to hold the reason lack of money. Sarah said they would try to find pinjaman.Aku do not know how she get a loan, including how he got home kontrakan.Tapi that I knew he had come with the car Pick-up, Deurih's friend. With us, lifting our furniture, one by one loaded into the pickup. Umi kept singing while his moans punctuated 'poetry' abah.Sarah anger had reached the peak of kemarahannya.Diam. He does not care about anything, including letting frozen in fear. Spilling tears, saw a pick-up mobiln that finally drove with two children that offers Rin. And she still ignores me, until I arrived with my loneliness in the rented house baru.Tepat azan mahgrib, I arrived, greetings and opened the door not locked. Furniture and other goods still stacked here and there. I once heard a voice so spouse, child Aini, who was standing at the door. "Mimi, come fast. It was the call to prayer so often ...!" he said breaking the fast with the fast. I went for the door opened. "Papa!" Aini shouted.

Sarah was silent attention, she was feeding the elder Grace. Grace is so, he did not semandiri brother. Dilakukannnya Itupun only to Sarah, because she was always patient, keep starting from the womb. While Aini, Sarah did not want the full intervention. The reason is always because Aini daughter. Let me close with a hint katanya.Hanya eyes, he told me to sit and eat together. With the same gesture I shook my head, the sign was not continued berbuka.Sarah asked me to eat. And that's what always makes me blingsatan, minus her seduction. If you alone were the exception.


"Never mind, forget the past. We will leave shortly pilgrimage. Datanglah.Umi and wanted to perform hajj ang calmly, "umi breath," and anyway did not want to umi no discordant voice that asks you if you do not come. "From Banda us to Medan, a week before the new year. Whether what is being planned Sarah. I just knew, she took me to a place his parents in Medan. He just said a week after the new year will be to Banda. Grace and Aini sing along the way, until finally falling asleep, kelelahan.Sesampai in-law's house, we could not remove the longing, the youngest Aini vomiting. I think maybe the influence of our trip. Not stop there, the eldest Grace also vomiting. Sarah soon find young coconut and chicken eggs, for prevention. I just felt that I myself do not know something. Until when suddenly-in-law's house key chain, rocked hard. I think the winds that blow. But that thought changed once, when she immediately took our two children came out screaming. "Get out ...! There's an earthquake!" We are in the house out. Anxiety began to spread in our faces each. I felt something exciting but whatever. Sarah was still holding two of our children. In-laws look wiggled her lips, pray. The neighbors began to put a comment. Some more screaming. "Allahu akbar!" Five minutes more or less we were rocked by the earthquake. Afterward with a feeling of anxiety and worry we began entering their homes masing.Setelah our two children laid back, Sarah immediately took remotecontrol, turn on the TV. I moved into the kitchen to prepare a mixture of eggs and young coconut water, which have not been finished. New five-step move, I gasped, hearing her scream. "Tsunami O Allah, Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar ...!" I immediately ran to see what happens. Sarah who never wanted to tears neteskan throughout our marriage, throwing her crying. The tears were like that, who rolled up her humanity. His eyes never left the screen TV.Aku still not aware of what happened. After watching the TV screen, like nafasku stopped. Such as heart rate is no more. I faintly heard the sound of Sarah's like drowning, shouting Allahu Akbar. Dimly I saw her limp weak. I wonder what she shouted before. I just knew, she was hugged. Tight, tight, very tight.

MEDAN, 2005

Three gnome Datuk
Typical short story Ranesi

M. Raudah tuft


demit-casper_merdeka.jpg "actually the Dutch who taught us what it was nationalism. Dutch who taught the meaning of true heroism and betrayal. We were underdeveloped nations who always difficult to give commentary," the speech of Mr. Sutan fiery. Then kukaitkan with the struggle that took place during the Dutch occupation and the present situation, including of Aceh, Yogyakarta, Poso, Ambon, Papua, and so on. And Mr. Sutan is proud to provide explanations to the questions I asked. So that if we look at the corner coffee shop Cultural Park, North Sumatra, the state issues, political, social, etc., we always chew-chew. If not done, then the next day's talks will be continued. Always so.


I was stunned to hear the old story of Mr. Sutan. Our meeting was not a deliberate encounter. At a coffee shop. At that time I was engrossed in reading the news about the unrest that occurred in Aceh. About GAM news. The story was very high. News like that is always read. It is much more devastating news about this country. About Gus Dur and his political opponents. But, it's just regular news. Old news. About rogue elements who were playing the president-presidency. Learning so minister the Ministry, or pretended to be official - pejabatan.

"Ah, stale ..." I hissed.
"What are stale?" Pak said Sutan arrived - arrived. Apparently Mr. Sutan already had been sitting right in front of me, without my knowing it.
"Oh, Mr. Sutan.'s Been a long, sir?"
"From this. You just do not control," Mr. Sutan smiled. "What's so stale?"
Again I was silent. I looked at the newspaper who had just read. Looking at the headline on page one is written a big bold - scale.
"Why, asked what the stale even quiet ..."

I did not dare answer. I know that with Mr. Sutan. Character rather hard. He's very brave. Too daring even, if I may say. Mr. Sutan very excited when invited to talk about anything, especially political issues. And almost all the problems mastered. Maybe in accordance with the age of around fifty.
And fear when talking about political matters with Mr. Sutan, the courage to express the subject matter at length and detail.

No matter how people will do "something" to him. Although we know now the era of the presidency like never before, but concern remains that it still exists. Era, an era now dare to open wide vote, finally too far. Whereas the previous era, the era of tight lock-up meeting. Alias berbisikpun prohibited. Era all too much.

For me personally Mr. Sutan is quite a character I admire. I learned a lot from the way he expresses views about anything. Easy to raise the subject, and also concluded easy way out. One of many great people in my eyes.
For us who are old enough to know him, Mr. Sutan this is a familiar figure and fatherly. But for those who just know him, sir Sutan mysterious and spooky. Impressed cruel.

"Hey, what's so stale!"
Mr. Sutan voice be heard loud. I doubt, this fact did not have to tell you to Mr. Sutan. Sutan be afraid Mr. melebarkannya.
"Here, here sir. News stale ..." kusodorkan newspaper with a headline that read large and thick. Full of doubt.

Mr. Sutan pick up the paper I gave. He watched for a while. Just a moment he saw. The rest of the paper flipping through the newspaper.
"Yes. ...!" Stale news
I was surprised. Usually Mr. Sutan always respond to every issue. Moreover, the political issue. Well, I was amazed. Big change for Mr. Sutan. I wonder. I want to provoke, if Mr. Sutan is really not interested anymore with political issues.

"This, this is not stale, sir?!" I probed with the other news shows.
"Almost the same."
"What's almost the same, sir?"
Mr. Sutan apparently started hooked. Conversation widened. But I'm glad. Starting from Ambon, Sampit, to Aceh. To me Mr. Sutan description is very useful and full of insight. For Mr. Sutan, Indonesia was ill. Intensive treatment should be done. Not excessive exploitation. Indonesia according to Mr. Sutan was subverted to viruses and germs that attempt to attack or heart pulse power.

"We do not like the struggle of the heroes first." Pak Sutan began.
"Our hero is never selfish and ask for remuneration. We really need to broaden horizons and the horizons of our thinking. By way of educating generations - the next generation. This does not, we fight each other, berbenuhan again."
"According to you, the unrest in Aceh how?"
"This is a problem, too. But we should not take the name of the people too far. But the people in the field made it tumbal. So, I personally was not so sympathetic to the actions committed by the revolutionary now." Mr. Sutan draw breath. "Once in Sumatra. On the ground this Deli. Datuj There are three people who fought selflessly. Sunggak Datuk, Datuk kecik, and Datuk Eldest."

I was surprised. Until a teacher like this, I just do not know the three progenitor mentioned Mr. Sutan. According to Mr Sutan, in defending this land from the Dutch Deli, these progenitor maintain three for about twenty-five years. Aceh is not comparable to the more or less just five years.
This progenitor struggle started by Datuk Sunggal. Then succeeded by Datuk Datuk kecik and then Eldest. Struggling down through generations. And all three reached the waste to Cilacap.

"Well, all three are struggling progenitor unconditionally." Mr. Sutan continued. "They fought to preserve dignity unconditionally."
"But sir, why not go into the history of ...?
"That's one thing that makes me more proud. And they are always remembered by the people - people who really know the history. The last fight of their descendants who had joined the MAP with the rank of Major."
"If the Sultanate of Deli is now what, sir?"
"My advice, learn! Let you know that hist ..."

Discussion. Mr. Sutan finally left me in a dreamy state. Discussion with Mr. Sutan made me think. Once the conflict experienced problems of this country. As termed Mr. Sutan. This country is sick.
I've read about Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat. Another problem. We are distracted by issues which hero and which are a traitor.
Such problems getting me the creeps. I'm just a teacher who never heard the story and history of this kind of teacher - teacher before. Or from reading - reading that I've ever read.

My head was suddenly dizzy. Thinking about Malin Kundang or Sampuraga. Thinking about Siti Nurbaya or Sabai Nan Aluih. Thinking about Tan Malaka or Sukarno. Ahmad Yani Or Suharto. Amien Rais, or Gus Dur. The issue lies always fed by the rogue elements that are not accountable to ordinary people, as the nation's children.

I'm going to throw up. And I felt like I was in bed. Dimly I saw people were crowded around me. Dimly I saw the people were whispering to see. And suddenly it was dark.
"Wake up! Want to die what?" I felt there was someone who made me wake up. Slowly I opened my eyes. Dimly I saw the people were staring at me. I felt my body in wet conditions.

"You're a spy, yes!"
Before I answer, suddenly some of them lifted me and encouraged me to walk. I walked unsteadily. I felt my body is very weak. Joints as if to escape. Rifle blindfolded. Many voices of people with a faint thump of bombs. Rifle fire. Many voices of those who shout. I just thought the war might have broken in the effort to power struggles. Finally, each party yangt not budge, I thought.

"Sit him!" I heard a voice giving orders, "Do not forget, open bonds eyes!"
"Okay, Datuk ..."
Bond closing my eyes slowly opened after I was seated on a seat temtat weird enough for me. I looked around me. In front of me sat a handsome look of a man who was old enough. Looks just like progenitor, progenitor. Left-right in the slightly younger than men who were sitting. His appearance also like progenitor, progenitor.

"You want to spy on us, young man?" Datuk first question.
"You seem to want to be a sycophant, yes?" Second Datuk also spoke.
"Tell your master they could not possibly win ..." Third Datuk not stay silent.
I bowed. I do not understand what they ask. I felt strange. I do not know the people around me right now. I do not know the three old men who ask me this race.

"Answer ...!" they shouted in unison.
"I ... I ... do not know!"
"Do not know what?"
"Not knowing what to answer?"
"Let's just say that you're a spy!"
"Eye eye? A spy who? I never joined a political party. I'm just a teacher. I just knew, I was taught. So, I'm not a spy.
All was silent. There is little doubt in their minds. Especially the oldest.

"Is it true you are a teacher, Mr. Teacher?"
"Yes. I teachers of Indonesian. It's not a spy as you accuse!"
"Uh, Indonesia? Manapula area is hamlet?"
"Something ..." I was confused, seemed to have misunderstandings. I felt I was not in the proper environment. "Indonesia is our country now."
"Excuse me, Mr. Teacher. We strictly adhered to all the gentlemen teachers. But please, do not try to fool us. Now we are busy fighting the Dutch colonists. So, do not deceive us."
"Against the Dutch?"
"Yes ..."
"You're serious?"
"Master Teachers do not confuse us!"
"You're serious?"
"Master Teachers who have serious!"

Finally I decided to talk about Mr. Sutan. About the state of Indonesia's monetary crisis. About Aceh, Ambon Sampit, and so on. And maybe also about the events that happened today.
"We do not understand that Mr. Guru told. We know Ocean Pasai, Pagarruyung, or also Mataram."
"And what about you? I do not know who you are?"
"Well, the whole country is very familiar with us. Especially the Dutch nation. We are three Datu. Sunggal Datuk, Datuk kecik, and Datuk Eldest."
"You do not try to fool me. You're serious?"

Datuk Sunggal soon told. I just heard the wonder and awe. The two Datuk also fared the same as me. Time drift. Talk about them with the Dutch resistance.
"But why in our generation are not known to you?"
"Personally we're very sorry. But we are more concerned with our struggle. Let us not known from the struggle we succeeded."
Discussion eventually widened. Three progenitor was more interested in hearing the times thereafter. That the Dutch finally succeeded in chasing away from the earth's Deli. Struggle that they do not in vain. And it was triggering them to more fighting spirit. In short I became their adviser in several battles.

Victory for victory they achieved. Fortunately I've also read the Chinese war strategy. Struggle heroes who had defeated earlier their opponents. And it makes curious Dutch generals. Any banging, banging they do always fail.
"Allahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar ... assault ...!
"Finally a victory for victory we get. But we have not managed to expel the Dutch from here."
"According to what I read history. And Mr. Sutan information, you can only beat the Dutch. And it was only temporary. Because of you own is a traitor and I do not know who. You would be evacuated by the Dutch a while to Cilacap."
"This is our land. It's not a Dutch possession. Please we sold the land to anyone, but not to the Dutch."

I was silent. I think this is an opportunity to correct history. My heart had heard the story of Sir heat Sutan. Heat to hear that the struggle Sunggal Datuk, Datuk kecik, and Datuk Eldest not recorded in history. History of national struggle. Third progenitor and the program is not listed as a national hero, even though they fought longer in the country and defend the land of self-esteem.

Mr. Sutan also said that their struggle, a struggle that should be as an example of a model for subsequent generations. Not until there is confusion of historical information.
"The bomb ...!"

Suddenly the Dutch attack on the third defense heavily progenitor. Not long after a battle. I tried to find refuge. The Dutch attacked heavily. I'm still looking for protection. I do not want to die in the past. Besides, I still want to focus to guide students so that they would siswaku learn their history. Want to take the positive values of the histories of struggle heroes.

From the progenitor, the victim was a lot of falling. I still kept running. Suddenly my feet tripped something. I fell. My head just landed on a tree trunk. The third faint progenitor was calling my name. "
"Master Teacher ..."
I could not move.
"Master Teacher. Convey our struggle ..."
I could not move.
"Sir ..." a hand touched my shoulder.
"Sir ..." I heard it was not so strange. "You sleepy, yes?"
"Thank you, Din." The boy was immediately rushed. I once read a message from Mr. Sutan.

At first I thought maybe there was something serious enough to be delivered. Although my stomach felt weird. Why he did not wake me up. Instead he just left. There are four folds in the paper. One by one I read. My heart was not feeling well.
Perhaps this message long enough, I thought. Message about the struggle. Message about teaching. Message about self-control. And many humanitarian messages you want delivered. Message repetition and so on. But, after I read, I can only laugh. Mr. Sutan only write one word, known by three Datu. There is written the word: "M E R D E K A!" Datuk nan of the three.

Field, 09102006

Statues staring dress

What a beautiful glazed clad statues
Incarnate stood monuments are surrounding
Being the playground, children and grandchildren
How strange adults who view
Amazed the children shirtless young age, and rebuked
The children themselves who did not care
So whether we like statues of dreamy
Children young age not to scream
Looking at a nudity which is
Limited practice
Then what is the difference between us and animals
The dress is considered mere decoration
Then made a joke
And how strange a courtesy beauty
Unable to be measured with the restriction
Not able to digest in the mind
Or because it was transformed
Habits become poisoned
Medan, 06

Fantasy sniff dust rain-STONE STONE
: stroking UNCEN, supporting Abepura

For some reason this afternoon to meet all of the ants
Not travel the road-signs beraturan.rambu
Low knaggy cut down without dragging on the pavement back
Silence, when the wind rain mat debudebu
For some reason this afternoon packed along the ant
Body road disorderly pushed to add broken
Kebisingan.slogan centers words prone direranting
Trees, creeping ditetiang electricity-only stunned silence,
When the wind sniffing the wings opaque stones
For some reason this afternoon the resignation of ants along the
The road lay with sighs muffled roar of bullets penetrated,
Fighting the delusion that climb into the sky
Relentless, pouring rain debudebu-sniffing batubatu
Medan, 06


Has carved leaves on branches eyelids
Bare roots penetrate into the skin until the end
Looking for crack-down blood, and vine
Go to the top of the brain after crossing the lake hearts
I do not have time to draw breath, when the leaves
Merimbun on the menjingga cornea. Dew droplets
Pushed in the corners of the leaf,
Moist restless, read all
Has carved leaves on branches eyelids
Her womb led to millions of characters from the end of the skin
Swimming in rivers of blood, and lost in the upper brain through the heart of stone
I could not stop sobbing, when the roar of the heart stomping.
Dam break flood of tears, wounds, leaves mengugurkan -
Decompose all
Has carved leaves on branches eyelids
Supple blown fierce winds that moan
Bare roots penetrate the skin at the end of
Her womb led millions characters mourning the end of the skin,
Gaping wound in red painful, at least the end of the skin, until
History of the most recent perdaban
Medan, 06

Drizzle tears IS

Drizzle was crying tears of pain girl
When cooking the wound, flows in rivers grief,
Raced current
Drizzling tears were tears of the girl who transformed
Pearl beads of glass, scraping the inner spaces
Without the soul, mendarah wound
Weeping drizzle is soul music that filled a hollow cave,
Without strain echoed the tone, the aura of enchantment archery
Drizzle is crying
Wound in the rivers suffering, pearl beads glass
Without the soul, or the empty cave without the strain of tone
Medan, 06


I became the wind
Dance off free kesanakemari
Smell-fingered leaves
In the garden heart
Medan, 06


Hujanku shed cocoons of butterflies
Evaporated caterpillars from every corner of the history of fatigue
Weaving between the pores of the soil
Moist at the root of sighs
Then, wash the face of the sun
Long grass savanna Kerontangkan
Lust hole burning ulcers, among
Cotton lying on the thighs
Penyulam women stretched cloud
Cocoon hujanku
Dripping butterfly
Flower hunt along the savanna
Suck honey
Medan, 05

After Khatam HUJAN

Seal after the rain on the last paragraph journey
Telahlama city Debudebu petrified, reciting
Crackle almanac who stepped stiffly along
Alif ba ta love
Then all yellowed leaves suffocating coffin
Deraknya wound under the frangipani tree, and we ask
Back to the weather, "there we write notes
Heaven? "
Medan, 05

Rancidity evaporating

Evaporating the metallic smell of armpits and groin hole
Starting from the module-old baby today until labi-labi
History will end. Once embroidery snoring-swash
Few dollars. There is secretly dispose of breath
Among the bushy grounds
A homeless man fuck paunchy
Hole intercourse with his dream
With gaping mouth-foaming
While hens tousled hair
Groin, before giving souvenir wound
On the way to seperampat calculate kota.aku
The beat tone of each pull nafasku smell, every
Drops of sweat
Evaporated rancidity
Among the waste of breath
Changed wings on window
Bogor, 04

BIDADARI dancing

I dreamed about an angel who was dancing
Among the charming wine clouds, and between
Sow the rainbow sari-sari art
I dreamed about an angel who was dancing
Then take me burning desire
Jakarta, 05


News announcements civil servants
The current day are still thousands of transformed rat
Angel, chew-chew test number, such as trapping
The chair of the commission meeting in every boardroom faction
Sharp teeth digging deep inside the nerve fibers
Liquid waste and dirt that intoxicating
News announcements civil servants
Inimasih recent days have transformed thousands of rats
Angel, while a cat can only gape
Reincarnate horse
Medan, 06


Schools, child
If the school is able to realize
Ambition to become a doctor who treats
Country who are sick of this, understand all
Subjects, not just counting only
Because your mind will be embedded
Just personal profits
Blind with the loss of others
Sure, kid
You may be a prosecutor, let alone be a judge
But be careful, because you'll slip
Just to play in the conscience behind
Degree pugar you, and if it still so
You better be clear traders only
Size scales, and even then if you're a small trader
If you are wholesalers, so you'll be trouble
Government with the loss of billions
Prepare yourself to be a leader, son
For many leaders are more prepared
So men, runners or loser
In the minds of the people is nothing
If superpower wink
Religion is only a barrier marshes
Machinations of their desire to raise rates
As high, punishing a chicken thief
With the most devilish ways
While the perpetrators of corruption are given
Punishment warranty
Schools, child
If the school is able to make our
Understands the human-hearted
in every second flow-prayer prayer
appealed to the creator
because he was perfectly reasonable to believe
field, 03

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