Wednesday, 10 February 2010

LOVE LOVE knitting

LOVE LOVE knitting
M. Raudah tuft
Knit sweat on your shirt pocket
knitting the wind in your shirt pocket
knitting breath in your shirt pocket
knitting passion in your shirt pocket
is there anything better than knitting
in love with your heart

I longed to embroider all kujadikan
crocheted flowers with magical love
for all of our ships
there you feel?

M. Raudah tuft
Today your smile has been delegating all stories
all ages love our braided
This day has given your eyes twinkle light
step along the way

This day was breaking your heart desires as
jasmine flowers pinned in your soul

Without you what's in the morning sunlight
M. Raudah tuft
Have you seen how the desire for
has too high
kuraut every inch of your face and kujadikan
eternal frame
in the most sacred heart

have you felt how this heartbeat
The most thrilling vibrating means
the view that never deserted
from burning that will not stop

have you seen how the meaning of the morning sun in lonely silence, which had not been
when everything
embedded in eternal embrace

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