Sunday, 28 February 2010


Works: M. Raudah Jambak

Ku-percussion gondang

Ku-percussion ogung

The trees on the stretch of the earth manortor

Singing turi-turian a birth

Winds change sign

Season-to-season, took me into the past.

Hembusannya so melenakan, lead

In boru Deak Parujar

And here begins hobarna

Derived from the earth back to earth

In Hutatinggi Laguboti, tetabuh gondang-tetabuh

Ogung sounds of nature through the noise around

Quiet forest, where the mortuary Sisingamangaraja

King incarnate Nasiak for, and there was also

The spokes of a pangido-ido to Jabu

With foot defects

Ku-percussion gondang

Ku-percussion ogung

Marende in Hutatinggi Parmalim Laguboti

King Uti recite the spokes

Laklak .03-06

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